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Participation in our diverse extracurricular clubs offers students a range of enriching experiences, including Cooking, Board Games, Debate, Drama, and Creative Writing. These clubs not only provide enjoyable pastimes but also serve as platforms for enhancing social skills and fostering confidence, creativity, and public speaking abilities. The clubs play a crucial role in nurturing critical thinking and contributing to academic excellence and future career success. Emphasising a well-rounded education, these activities encourage students to cultivate interests beyond academics, striking a balance between learning and personal growth. Furthermore, the clubs act as catalysts for building a sense of community and fostering lasting friendships, contributing to a positive and inclusive school culture. In essence, these extracurricular offerings are integral components of a commitment to holistic education, emphasising social skills, critical thinking, and a well-rounded approach to personal and academic growth. Free access to our Extracurricular Clubs: Cooking Club, Board Games Club, Debate Club, Drama Club, and Creative Writing Club. FREE £540

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Our approach to unlocking academic excellence revolves around precision and personalisation, departing from the conventional ‘one-size-fits-all’ methodology. Through real-time diagnostic tools, we pinpoint specific areas for individual students to concentrate on, eliminating confusion and streamlining efforts toward improvement. This targeted focus has a direct impact on grades, allowing students to elevate their overall performance by concentrating on critical areas, potentially transforming ‘C’s into ‘A’s. Particularly emphasising Math and English, our tools extend their positive influence across various subjects, empowering students in key areas of learning. The efficacy of our tailored approach is evidenced by rapid academic transformation, with students experiencing notable improvements within weeks. Harnessing the power of data-driven tools, we ensure that each student reaches their highest potential with optimal efficiency, minimising unnecessary effort. State-of-the-Art Real-Time Diagnostic tools giving teachers and students precise objectives to focus on, as well as personalised and actionable guidance. FREE £315

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The app offers real-time attendance and performance monitoring, providing live updates on academic progress to address potential issues promptly. It ensures ease of access, allowing parents to quickly check homework, grades, and teacher feedback even during busy schedules. Providing a holistic overview of the child’s educational journey, from daily assignments to end-of-term reports, the app promotes active parental involvement, linked to higher grades, improved social skills, and increased self-confidence in students. With the convenience of effortless engagement and early intervention for attendance issues, parents receive timely notifications to address concerns before they escalate. Detailed insights from teacher feedback enhance the understanding of a child’s strengths and weaknesses. The app also simplifies academic management, streamlining the tracking of multiple subjects and deadlines. By empowering students with self-awareness through progress monitoring, the app encourages responsibility and awareness of academic responsibilities. Overall, this powerful tool enables busy parents to actively participate in their child’s educational success, ensuring that every achievement is recognised and no moment of progress goes unnoticed. Live attendance updates, teacher feedback, homework grades, and reminders on incomplete work. Keeps you updated with your child’s progress. Easy. Anytime. Anywhere. FREE £180

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This course addresses the prevalent issue of disorganisation that often impedes student performance by providing practical strategies. It focuses on developing essential time management skills crucial for academic success and teaches effective task prioritisation techniques to enhance focus and productivity. Participants gain instant online access to videos, audios, and a PDF book for convenient learning and application of organisational skills. The course also offers guidance on decluttering study spaces to create optimal learning environments and provides insights into practical study schedule planning, enabling the development of tailored approaches to studying. By offering real-world strategies, this course aims to revolutionise students’ organisational approaches, paving the way for improved educational outcomes. Mastering the Art of Organisation. FREE £97

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The Revision Supercharge Bootcamp employs a strategic revision approach to replace inefficient cramming with a structured strategy, alleviating anxiety. It incorporates scientifically proven memory techniques to enhance information retention and recall during exams. The programme also focuses on stress reduction, providing students with techniques to maintain a calm and focused mindset, essential for optimal exam preparation. By guiding students through this process, the bootcamp aims to transition them from feeling overwhelmed to achieving confident exam readiness, ultimately setting the stage for top grades. Immediate online access to masterclass materials, including videos and a comprehensive PDF guide, ensures a well-rounded revision experience that revolutionises students’ exam preparation strategies. Turning Exam Preparation from Overwhelmed to Overprepared. FREE £97

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In this webclass, participants will gain valuable insights into navigating parental challenges by striking a delicate balance between maintaining a friendly parenting approach and fostering a studious mindset in their children without resorting to shouting. The session focuses on equipping parents with effective techniques to inspire, encourage, and motivate their children to study independently, promoting healthy study habits. Emphasising the importance of building strong family bonds, the webclass provides guidance on creating a supportive relationship that complements and aids in the child’s academic journey. Additionally, participants will receive tips and insights for offering holistic educational support, ensuring that children excel both academically and personally. Overall, the webclass aims to assist parents in harmonising the motivation for their child’s studies with the cultivation of a nurturing and supportive family dynamic. The Art of Balancing Encouragement and Support in Parenting. FREE £97

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Gain comprehensive access to the complete Microsoft Suite, encompassing essential tools such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Forms, and Outlook, all conveniently accessible through their web versions. This inclusive package is tailored for students, offering licenced access without any additional expenses, ensuring a hassle-free and cost-free experience. The seamless integration of these applications is designed to provide instant accessibility, allowing students to swiftly and easily access the necessary tools online. This not only streamlines academic tasks but also promotes efficiency and convenience in the digital learning environment. Instant access to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Forms, Outlook. FREE £0

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Enjoy substantial storage space of cloud storage on Microsoft OneDrive, providing you ample room to securely store assignments, projects, and crucial documents. This reliable backup solution ensures that all your important school files are easily saved and backed up, eliminating the age-old excuse of ‘the dog ate my homework.’ Bid farewell to such excuses as everything is now securely stored in the cloud, making it a hassle-free experience to access and manage your academic materials. Whether it’s safeguarding your work or ensuring you have a backup plan, this cloud storage solution not only offers convenience but also brings peace of mind to your academic journey. Free Cloud Storage – Microsoft OneDrive. FREE £199.99

1 – World-Class British Curriculum Online Education

  • Structured Learning: Comprehensive coverage from Primary (Year 1 – Age 5) to Sixth Form (Year 13 – Age 19).
  • Adheres to the globally recognised British educational standards.
  • Break down on the syllabus and structured plan for the year.
  • Experienced and Qualified Teachers: Personalised attention from UK-based teachers who are qualified in their fields.
  • Interactive Digital Classroom: Engaging and dynamic learning environment.
  • Global Accessibility: Convenient and flexible learning from any location.

2 – Live Lessons Conducted Online

  • Timetabled, Real-Time Classes: Ensures a structured and predictable learning schedule, with the benefit of live interaction for immediate feedback and support.
  • Qualified Expert Teachers: UK-based, highly qualified teachers.
  • Engaging Teaching Methods: We believe that learning should be fun. By utilising a mix of quizzes, interactive whiteboards, breakouts and games, we can cater to diverse learning styles and maintain high engagement levels.
  • Effective for Varied Learning Needs: Proven to be particularly beneficial for students who have faced challenges in traditional school environments, offering a more supportive and adaptable approach.
  • Interactive Student Participation: Opportunities for students to engage actively through the chatbox and microphone, enhancing their communication skills.
  • Dedicated Monitoring by Teachers: Close attention to student interactions, with teachers responding to both class-wide and individual queries, ensuring a comprehensive understanding for each student.

3 – Live Lessons are also Recorded

  • Availability of Lesson Recordings: Every live class is recorded and accessible to students, ensuring they never miss out on vital learning content.
  • Support for Diverse Learning Needs: Recordings allow scholars to revisit and reinforce lessons at their own pace, which is invaluable for deepening understanding and consolidating knowledge.
  • Effective Revision Tool: An excellent resource for exam preparation, enabling students to review and revise critical topics comprehensively.

4 – Small Class Sizes for Personalised Learning

  • Focused Learning Environment: With a strict cap of 19 students per class, much lower than the typical 100-200 in many online schools, Thomas Keith Independent School ensures an intimate, interactive learning setting.
  • Guaranteed Personal Attention: This small class size policy guarantees that each student receives the attention and guidance they need, a stark contrast to the impersonal nature of larger classes.
  • Proactive Class Management: When class numbers reach 20, they are immediately split, maintaining an optimal teacher-to-student ratio. This approach is central to providing a highly personalised and effective educational experience.

5 – Structured Feedback for Progressive Learning

  • Regular Graded Feedback: Our teachers provide consistent feedback on homework, assignments, and quizzes, avoiding the pressure of end-of-year exams.
  • Continuous Progress Monitoring: This regular review of student work ensures close monitoring of academic progress, facilitating timely support and intervention.
  • Adaptive Learning Strategies: The frequent feedback allows for adjustments in teaching methods and learning strategies, ensuring that students are not just preparing for a single exam but are continuously improving.
  • Holistic Academic Development: This approach fosters steady and holistic academic growth throughout the year, essential for building a strong foundation of knowledge and skills.

Loyalty Voucher Programme at Thomas Keith Independent School

Value: £150-200

  • Rewarding Loyalty: We value and reward your ongoing commitment to our school.
  • Progressive Vouchers: As your child continues their journey with us, receive vouchers for future fees.
    • 1 Year Loyalty: Receive a £150 voucher
    • 2 Years Loyalty: Earn a £175 voucher
    • 3 Years Loyalty: Get a £200 voucher
  • Thank You for Being Part of Our Family: These vouchers are our way of showing appreciation for being a valued member of our educational community.

Our Loyalty Voucher Programme is our way of saying thank you for entrusting your child’s education to us year after year.

Referral Programme at Thomas Keith Independent School

Value: £200 per child referred

  • Generous Referral Rewards: Earn £200 off your fees for every referred child who enrols.
  • Benefit for Referred Families: Each referred family receives £100 off their fees per enrolled child.


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