Turn Your Living Room into Your Kids Class

Our approaches vary with time, don’t they? In UK education, that’s especially true. We’re ditching chalkboards for chatrooms, from hand-raised questions in crowded classrooms to personal notes on online forums. We’re talking about online homeschool classes, the new learning frontier that’s shaking textbooks!

You may be wondering, what is online homeschooling? Simply put, it’s your child’s education delivered to your laptop. Students can study whenever they choose in our virtual classroom.

You’ll know it’s not a fad if you’ve Googled “online homeschool classes.” It now competes with traditional schools. You’ll find hundreds of options, from arithmetic, English, and science to philosophy and computing. However, picking the ideal platform for your child’s education is difficult. Like finding the ideal cup of tea, it must be just right.



Want a coffee while we talk about how our school fits the bill? We’re more than an internet platform. No, we’re a virtual neighbourhood of learners and educators that want to make education fun. We’ve replaced the one-size-fits-all approach with a customised curriculum that empowers your child.

We’re led by outstanding, experienced teachers. From Key Stage 1 to A-Levels, they’ve designed courses. It’s a group journey. We promote camaraderie in live, interactive classes where every student is heard, seen, and valued.

Our goal isn’t merely exam success. We’re not about checklists. We want them to explore topics, develop curiosity, and become confident, independent thinkers. Thus, we’ve provided plenty of resources and revision material for students to use at any moment, letting them drive their own learning.

However, there’s more. We know that not all education happens in the classroom, or in our case, on the screen. Our pupils are encouraged to pursue extracurricular interests outside of academics. Every pastime has a place, from debating societies to computer bootcamps.

Yes, we know what you’re thinking—how much will this cost me? Rest assured, we believe in affordable quality education. Our tailored and comprehensive education is worth every penny, even though we’re not free.

That’s it. We’re an online homeschool that tailors learning to the student. We believe every kid should love learning and work to make that happen. Want to join us? You’re welcome, and the kettle’s always on!

Welcome to online homeschooling, where the school bell rings in your living room! Our classrooms are as portable as our computers thanks to technology. Education at the touch of a button, no more heavy backpacks.

Online homeschooling is a real revolution. It’s revolutionising education by redefining the “3 Rs” (Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic). Learning your path is the point.

Our online school is a place for learning, creativity, and enjoyment. This isn’t a cog. We’re a community, a digital family, dedicated to making your child’s learning journey vivid, enriching, and entertaining.

First, our curriculum is rich and engaging. From multiplication tables to Dostoevsky, we have it all. From Key Stage 1 to A-Levels, we’ve planned your child’s academic career.



It’s more than just teaching. Creating a love of study, curiosity, and independent exploration is the goal. Our seasoned, dedicated teachers know this. Teachers are mentors, guides, and friends who help pupils navigate this knowledge maze.

Learning isn’t a monologue, is it? Conversation between interested minds. Our classes show this. We have live, interactive workshops that build camaraderie and teamwork. Ideas, questions, and doubts are celebrated. It’s a lively community in your house.

What about the ‘big terrible exams’? That’s covered. Students are well-prepared for GCSEs and A-Levels with our courses, which follow the UK’s national curriculum and test boards. Exam prep becomes more about understanding with our dedicated teachers’ individualised advice.

Academics are only part of our school. We know that learning happens everywhere—on the football pitch, at drama rehearsal, even when doodling. That’s why we provide many extracurricular activities to develop your child’s particular interests.

Naturally, the cost is a factor. Our courses aren’t free, but they’re worth it. We guarantee a customised, holistic learning experience for your child.

Thus, we are a virtual community of learners and instructors seeking information. Education should be a personal, pleasurable journey, not a race. Your youngster will adore learning with us.

We’re here to assist your youngster in navigating the wild new world with confidence, curiosity, and a passion for knowledge. Why not join? Open 24/7!

Have you ever considered turning your living room into a lively classroom or your child’s favourite area into an amazing learning space? Online education offers a world of curiosity, discovery, and progress. However, this isn’t just ordinary online learning. British online schools’ best is Thomas Keith Independent School.

Imagine having the power of individualised learning and the richness of the English National Curriculum at your fingertips. Like a dream? We at Thomas Keith make this desire come true. We teach the full English National Curriculum in real-time, interactive sessions. This isn’t about browsing through boring pre-recorded lessons. It’s about live, dynamic debates with enthusiastic, devoted British teachers who bring the syllabus to life.

We know education is more than memorising information at Thomas Keith. It promotes creativity, critical thinking, and curiosity. Our approach makes learning interactive, engaging, and holistic. We don’t sell courses. Instead, we offer a holistic educational experience tailored to each student’s requirements and talents.

Virtual classrooms don’t mean virtual learning. We resemble a classic British private school so well that the only variation is the school run!



We’ve eliminated classrooms and brought learning to you. So whether you reside in London or Cornwall, Thomas Keith puts you in the first row. Students are encouraged to ask questions, debate ideas, and progress in our virtual classes.

You may be wondering, “What about exams?” We’re ready. GCSEs and A-Levels are met by our courses. Students are well-prepared to pass exams with confidence and understanding thanks to our professional tutors.

We go beyond academics at Thomas Keith. We understand holistic education goes beyond the textbook. We encourage our pupils to pursue many hobbies to help them become well-rounded.

Parents worry about private school prices. We offer great value at Thomas Keith. Our education and care are worth every dime, even though we don’t provide free courses.

Thomas Keith is a community of enthusiastic educators and students. Instead of a race, we make education fun. Here, pupils adore learning.

What’s best? This exciting learning environment is simply a click away! Why not? Experience Thomas Keith Independent School’s unique blend of history and innovation, where we’re changing education one live class at a time. We’re excited to welcome you to our dynamic virtual community.

Thomas Keith Independent School is a top British online private school catering to students from Year 1 to Year 13, covering Primary, Secondary, and Sixth Form levels. This includes all Key Stages from 1 to 5, leading up to GCSE and A Levels. We teach the British curriculum, with all subjects being taught live in real-time classes online.

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