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Online School and the Great British Summer: What’s the Deal?

With the online world becoming a ‘new normal’ for many of us, a cheeky question’s popped up in tea-time chats and WhatsApp groups: “does online school have summer break?” Now, that’s a head-scratcher, innit?

The Summer Break: Sun, Sand and… Screens?
Think about it. We Brits love our summer, don’t we? BBQs in the garden, trips to Brighton or Blackpool, and the sheer joy of soaking up the rare sunshine. Our schools traditionally close shop, letting the kids (and, admit it, the teachers too!) have a much-needed respite. But does this logic carry over to the virtual world?




Online schooling, unlike our age-old institutions, isn’t exactly bound by walls or, for that matter, timetables. So, is summer break a thing in the online realm? Or are they in some perpetual matrix of endless lessons?

What’s the Score with Our School?
Alright, alright. Let me spill the beans about how our very own online institution approaches this summertime conundrum. Drumroll, please… We DO have a summer break! (Whoop, whoop!) And not just because we want to stick to the norm, but because, quite frankly, everyone deserves a break – digital or not.

But here’s the twist. It’s not just about letting our hair down (though that’s a big part). While some are out chasing ice-cream vans, we offer a sprinkle of extra goodies: virtual world tours, zany summer challenges, and even online collaborative art projects. (I tried one; ended up creating something Picasso would probably cry over, but hey, it’s the effort that counts, right?)

The Chat about Perplexity and Burstiness
Now, I know this sounds like something straight out of a ‘Doctor Who’ episode, but bear with me. Imagine you’re reading a mystery novel, but every twist and turn is predictable. That’s low Perplexity. Boring, eh? Burstiness is like those moments when you’re engrossed in a book and suddenly – BAM! – a plot twist sends your tea flying. We’ve tried sprinkling a bit of that magic here, making this read unpredictable yet fun.

In a nutshell, while the online world can seem a bit ‘space-age’ to some, the core values remain pretty old-school. Summer breaks, be it offline or online, are about catching a breather, spending time with loved ones, and maybe, just maybe, trying not to burn the BBQ sausages.

And as we head into the sunshine (fingers crossed!), know that even in the digital realm, there’s space for the age-old joys of a British summer. Now, off you go and grab that ice lolly, you’ve earned it!



The Ultimate Guide to Rocking Your Online School’s Summer Break – The British Way!

Summer’s knocking, the British sun (a rare phenomenon, some say) is peeking out from behind the clouds, and you, my dear online scholar, are about to dive into the ever-enticing summer break. It’s not just a time to unwind, but also to explore, reinvent, and rejuvenate! So, how exactly can you make the most out of your e-school summer holidays? Grab a cuppa, and let’s journey through some splendidly British activities!

1. DIY British Road Trip
Nothing screams British summer more than a good old road trip. Dust off that map of the UK, hop into your car (or maybe a cheeky double-decker bus tour?) and explore the diverse landscapes our beautiful island offers. From the serene shores of Cornwall to the historical streets of York, there’s a wealth of sights and experiences waiting for you. And hey, remember to pack your raincoat—because let’s be honest, the British weather’s a wee bit unpredictable!

2. Unleash the Bookworm
Now, if you’re a pupil of our esteemed online school, we know you’ve got that intellectual flair. Summer’s the perfect time to dive into British literature. How about rekindling your romance with classics like Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ or losing yourself in the magical world of Harry Potter? And, for those wanting a modern twist, there’s no shortage of contemporary British authors spinning engaging yarns. Dive in!

3. Culinary Adventures
Ah, the joys of British cuisine. If there’s one thing we Brits love, it’s our grub. Take this break to master some iconic dishes. Fancy whipping up a Shepherd’s Pie or perfecting your Victoria Sponge? And if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, try your hand at homemade scones (jam first, then cream, or the other way around—let the debates begin!).

4. Gardening – The Green-fingered Delight
If you’ve not experienced the serenity of gardening, mate, you’re missing out! It’s therapeutic, and you don’t need the gardens of Versailles. Even a small balcony or window ledge can be your green canvas. Plant some classic English roses or delve into herb gardening. By the end, you might just have the ingredients for a smashing homemade pesto!

5. Engage in Our School’s Exclusive Summer Activities
Okay, a little plug here—but for a good reason! Our school doesn’t just abandon you to the summer wilds. We’ve crafted a range of summer activities (exclusive for our students) that challenge the mind and indulge the soul. From virtual art collaborations to interactive quizzes about British history—there’s always something to tickle your fancy.

6. Stay Active with Traditional British Sports
Have a bash at cricket or rounders in your local park, or how about lawn bowls for something more laid-back? Not only will you keep fit, but you’ll also immerse yourself in some delightful British traditions.

7. Artistic Soul-Searching
Britain’s rich tapestry of art and culture is at your fingertips. Visit local museums, galleries, or even heritage sites. Let the intricate Gothic architecture or the whimsical English country gardens inspire you to create something of your own. Sketching, painting, pottery—the sky’s the limit!



8. The Unpredictable Burst of Randomness
If you’ve ever played ‘charades’ on a rainy British afternoon or tried to make sense of that one eccentric uncle’s tales, you’d know we Brits love a good splash of randomness. So, throw in an impromptu dance under the rain, or maybe start a DIY project to upcycle that ancient piece of furniture. It’s all about the unexpected joys!

Wrapping Up in True British Fashion
There you have it—a summer platter with a sprinkle of all things British. From tantalising your taste buds with our traditional dishes to immersing yourself in the world of English literature, there’s no shortage of things to keep you occupied.

Now, before I bid adieu and chase after my mischievous cat who seems keen on ravaging my rose bushes, remember: Summer isn’t just about relaxation. It’s a time to rediscover and celebrate the myriad experiences our lovely island offers. Dive in, relish each moment, and by the time our esteemed online school beckons you back, you’ll be raring to go, with a treasure trove of memories to boot!

Thomas Keith Independent School is a top British online private school catering to students from Year 1 to Year 13, covering Primary, Secondary, and Sixth Form levels. This includes all Key Stages from 1 to 5, leading up to GCSE and A Levels. We teach the British curriculum, with all subjects being taught live in real-time classes online.

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