Tips for Busy Parents Streamlining Your Daily Routine
27 April

10 Essential Tips for Busy Parents: Streamlining Your Daily Routine

Introduction For busy parents juggling endless tasks, our guide, ’10 Essential Tips for Busy Parents: Streamlining Your Daily Routine’, offers practical solutions to simplify your family’s schedule. From evaluating extracurricular activities to enhancing home management, this guide provides actionable steps …

Encourage Your Child to Surround Themselves with Positive
27 April

How to Encourage Your Child to Surround Themselves with Positive Influences

Introduction Encouraging your child to surround themselves with positive influences is not just about protecting them; it’s about empowering them to make wise choices independently. This article delves into practical strategies to help your child attract and choose beneficial relationships, …

Help Your Child Overcome School Refusal
27 April

How to Help Your Child Overcome School Refusal: 8 Proven Techniques

Introduction How to Help Your Child Overcome School Refusal with 8 Proven Techniques? It’s not just about the tears at the school gate; it’s about transforming dread into enthusiasm. This guide from Thomas Keith Independent School provides practical steps to …


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What is an online school?

Like conventional schools, students attend their classes live, but with a crucial distinction: all lessons take place online. There’s no need for them to commute to a physical school building. Instead, they access their lessons by logging into the Thomas Keith Independent School’s web portal a few minutes before the scheduled start time of their classes.

Teaching occurs in real-time in a digital classroom that comes equipped with a whiteboard, live video and audio streams from the teacher, and a chat box. During the course of the lesson, pupils can freely interact with their teacher and peers via the chat box or their microphone, as needed. They can even be given access to write and draw on the whiteboard. They submit assignments and receive feedback on them through the student portal, with the entire process being online.

Through an amalgamation of voice, text, whiteboard annotations, notes, recordings, presentations, and screen sharing, classes are made more engaging and interactive than in traditional school settings. Students can be assigned to complete specific exercises, share their work, or present to the class. Every pupil also has the opportunity for direct and private communication with their teacher, ensuring that nobody feels overlooked or left behind.
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